From the time as a child when Stephen Woodfin poured over the pages of the World Book Encyclopedia, Webster's dictionary and Roget's Thesaurus, he has loved books, the portals into worlds of new experiences. His father, a cowboy poet who quoted Wordsworth and the Psalms of King David, instilled in him a curiosity for language, a desire to figure out how a person could string words together so they had a rhythm and cadence.

His earliest recollection is listening to his father read to him from an illustrated Bible story book. The serpent in the Garden of Eden, Daniel in the lion's den, David the shepherd boy slaying Goliath with a sling shot and many more stories filled his head.

In the evening when his dad came home from working cows and horse-trading, he would take his place in his recliner in the living room, read the paper, then set it aside and take up the King James Bible, the only book really worth reading.

From such beginnings it is no wonder that Stephen found himself occasionally trying his hand at writing. He started stories and novels, then put them away in a drawer, reminders of something that percolated in the back of his mind.

Finally, Woodfin decided the time had come to take his love for writing to another level, to work at it as he had at his day jobs for 40 years. He attended writing workshops and joined NETWO (Northeast Texas Writers Organization).

He wrote a series of short stories and shared them with a few patient members of his family, a handful of friends. Then he began to send them out to see if they could stand scrutiny in the larger world.

In 2008 one of his stories, HE AIN'T LEAVING; HE'S GONE, appeared in the 8th Annual Writer's Digest Short Short Story Competition Collection, one of only twenty-five short stories selected for the collection out of more than 7,000 entries. The story featured a hero with Alzheimer's.

That same year NETWO published another of Stephen's stories, THE PROMISCUITY DEFENSE, in its anthology, A TREASURE BOX, available on the NETWO website:

In 2009 Woodfin crossed into the world of novel writing with his first book, LAST ONE CHOSEN, the story of a contemporary Christ figure charged with a capital offense under the Domestic Terrorism Act. Last One Chosen was a top five finalist for Best Indie Book of 2012 in the thriller genre. It has appeared on the legal thriller best seller list on Amazon a number of times.

He has since added two more books to this series, NEXT BEST HOPE and THE REVELATION EFFECT.

Woodfin has now completed eight novels.

In 2013 Kirkus Reviews, the gold standard of book review sites, named his book THE WARRIOR WITH ALZHEIMER'S one of the best books of 2013.

Woodfin also narrates audiobooks through Audiobook Creation Exchange ("ACX"), an Amazon company, which distributes the audiobooks to Amazon, and iTunes.

To view Stephen's blogs and learn more about his books, please visit him at Venture Galleries or check out his Amazon author page at

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